Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Online Beer Stein Shopping – The Perfect Way to Enjoy Oktoberfest

Beer lovers all over America eagerly await the arrival of Oktoberfest. The beer fest gives an opportunity to enjoy the beer culture of Germany. Oktoberfest 2013 has begun. And, everyone is geared up for it. Are you still looking for a beer stein that stands out? You must be really tired of searching an authentic stein, but now you can complete the search in minutes. Sounds untrue? Well, this article will help you in getting a stein delivered in time for Oktoberfest.


Fireman Stein





Pewter Kaiser Stein


FunFest German Stein


Where to find the Best Beer Steins?

Before several years, you probably had to travel to Germany to buy an authentic stein. But, now you don’t have to go to Deutschland to get a real German stein. You can get it by just a few clicks on the internet. Today, there are several websites that sell German beer steins and glassware.

The best thing about online shopping is that these companies offer a large collection of beer steins and mugs. You can choose an authentic beer stein or even buy a replica of the real one. If you are looking forward to having your friends over, you can even shop for a set of mugs. The choice is endless!

How to Choose a Website for buying Beer Steins?

Many of us have borne the brunt of online shopping. And, so we need to be absolutely smart while choosing a website. Remember to apply with only those companies that offer genuine products. Here are few tips to help you buy the best stein from the best website:

1. Read the Website’s Home Page

It will give you an idea whether the company offers authentic products or replicas. You will know the different kind of products that are offered. Information about shipping charges can be known as well.

2. Ensure Security

To avoid any unpleasant experience, it is extremely essential to check the security of the website. If you fail to do so, you may end up disclosing your confidential information to hackers. So, inspect the security certificate. Also, ensure that the page where you give your banking details is https. Remember that other pages need not be https because you won’t be giving your personal information on them.

3. Check the Price

Every good thing has a value. No marketer will sell you a hand-painted stein at cheaper rates. The good ones usually cost more than $150.

4. Check the Description

Authentic websites give a detailed description of the product. It enables the buyer to judge the product in better light. You will get the information about the stein’s origin and its material. Compare it with the price and you will be able to know if it’s really worth a purchase.

5. Read the Return Policy

Usually, you can return the steins and mugs within 30 days of purchase. Most websites have no problem in accepting the returned-product in case of damage. But, you must still read the terms and conditions before buying beer steins.

6. Check for Special Offers

In the wake of competition, many beer stein websites offer incredible discounts. Also, many of them have financial solutions for stein buyers. There are few websites in the market that provide “Buy Now Pay Later” option to its customers. If you come across such an offer, grab the chance of buying your favorite stein from the respective website. This way you won’t have to spend all your money on the stein. By making affordable monthly payments for the stein, you will be able to save money for your favorite beer and Oktoberfest festivities.

Now that you know all about online options for buying beer steins, get ready for some stein shopping! It’s time to celebrate Oktoberfest with your cool beer stein!

Happy shopping to all beer lovers!!!

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